The auctions are over and we raised nearly $600 for FieldHaven's new shelter. Thank you to all the fantastic artists who participated and to our generous bidders!!!

FieldHaven still needs to raise funds for the new shelter, if you'd like to help, please
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Buy Some Art . . . Help Some Kitties
September 6 - 15, 2008
Art auctions on eBay to benefit FieldHaven Feline Rescue

You'll find original art (paintings, drawings, collage & more) and reproductions (prints, cards, earrings, etc.) by over 20 talented eBay artists! Most of the art will be of cats, but there will be some other critter subjects as well.

Why are we doing this? Here's why: FieldHaven needs to replace their current cat shelter (a trailer) with a new building. Their goal is to raise $150,000 to do this.

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Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a sampler of the fantastic art that you can purchase to benefit FieldHaven

Saturday, August 23, 2008

About the A4FH Project & the Art

Buying art from A4FH artists is a great way to collect some wonderful art while helping cats & kittens at the same time. The participating artists regularly sell their art on eBay and produce unique and collectible work. Many of us are also members of Art for Critters, another group of artists who donate a portion of their art sales to animal charities on an ongoing basis.

I decided to start this auction project to benefit FieldHaven when I learned of their need to raise $150,000 to replace their current cat trailer. I've been a supporter of FieldHaven (which is only a few miles from my home) from the beginning - I met Joy, the director, about 6 years ago when I was doing some pet sitting for her. At that time, FieldHaven was but a gleam in her eye!

I invited my fellow eBay artists to help out and was thrilled to have so many jump on board. We're even an international group, as one of our artists resides in Engand! Every little bit helps - buys some kibble here, some kitty litter there - but my hope is that by banding together and promoting this project as a group, we'll raise more than a "little bit".

And now about the art - you'll find a variety of terrific work to benefit FieldHaven - photographs, reproduction prints and of course originals! One type of art you'll see is an ACEO. "ACEO" stands for Art Cards, Originals & Editions. They're collectible and very popular on eBay (where they originated) and other art sales sites. Artists create these little gems in a variety of media, the only rule is that they be 2.5" x 3.5".

A4FH artists are committing 10 - 100% from the proceeds of every item sold to FieldHaven. So, please bid high and bid often - help the felines at FieldHaven!!

-Ann Ranlett (aka PaintDog)


Joy Smith at FieldHaven said...

We are so excited about this auction and are deeply grateful to the artists for donating their time and talents to FieldHaven. We are "under the gun" to replace our shelter and the funds from this event will go towards the building fund. This is everyone's chance to purchase some really cool art AND help keep homeless kitties housed!!

Joy Smith
FieldHaven Feline Rescue

Joy Smith at FieldHaven said...

ThankyouThankyouThankyou to all you wonderful artists!!! I am so grateful for all your efforts and the beautiful art that people now have in their homes. The kitties thank you too!

Joy Smith